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The City of Splendors

“The City of Splendors, eh? Spent a bit o’ time there myself; and oh, the stories I could tell you. Truly, in all its marvel, the metropolis lives upto its title.

“But I doubt you came to me for tales of the ‘splendors’. Instead, allow me to regal you with tales of its citizens. That is where the truly fascinating stories come from. During my time there…well, why don’t we start at the beginning?”

-Kaira Rein, The Songstress

The Rogue’s Tale is a collection of stories by the Songstress about her time in Waterdeep. Though the book wasn’t released for some time after these adventures, the anecdotes included are as timeless as the author.

This is an almost entirely online game, with the occasional table top session for the big heists.

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